FAQ: Prepare for Your Sail

A sail aboard the gundalow Piscataqua is most enjoyable when you are prepared!

On public sails, you’ll be invited to join the crew in raising the sail and steering the ship. Our crew and Onboard Educators will share their knowledge of the Piscataqua maritime region, and you can ask them more about the cultural and natural history of the area, or simply enjoy the sights and sounds of the river.


Tickets are available online and at the Gundalow Company Office at 60 Marcy Street in Portsmouth. If you buy online you will receive an email receipt and your name will be on our passenger list.  If you have less than an hour before sail time, please call ahead (603 433-9505) to confirm availability.


Ticketed guests should meet at the Prescott Park dock 15 minutes prior to departure time. Directions are here. The dock about 200 yards away from the Gundalow Company Office at 60 Marcy Street. Guests who may have difficulty walking should call for more information. 


Most of the on-street parking in downtown Portsmouth is metered at $1/hour with a three or four hour limit.  The closest free parking for cars and school buses is on Peirce Island, across the bridge at Mechanic Street just past our dock.  For more information including parking garages and lots, please visit Visit Park Portsmouth for more information.

How many passengers does the boat carry?

Piscataqua can carry a maximum of 49 passengers. There is plenty of room for guests to either stand or to sit on wooden deck boxes during the sail.

What should I wear when I come sailing?

It is usually cooler out on the water than it is on land, and there is limited shade on the decks of Piscataqua so we recommend dressing in layers and wearing sun protection – hats, sun block, and sunglasses. Flat, comfortable footwear is recommended. Sweatshirts and other apparel are available for purchase at the Gundalow Company Traders shop at 60 Marcy St.

What should I bring? Can I purchase refreshments onboard?

We suggest that passengers bring reusable water bottles when they come onboard.  Guests are welcome to bring a picnic and beverages, as we do not sell any food or drink onboard. The Gundalow Company Traders shop at 60 Marcy St. has drinks and snacks available for purchase that can be brought aboard.

Where will we go on our sail?

All of our sails, unless otherwise noted, depart from and return to the dock at Prescott Park. We generally sail below the new Memorial Bridge, past the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and the island of New Castle to the river mouth between Whaleback and Portsmouth Lighthouses.  Sights include the Portsmouth Naval Prison, Fort Constitution, and Fort McClary.
View a map of the Piscataqua Maritime Region here.

Will I get seasick?

It is extremely rare for passengers to become seasick while onboard. Piscataqua was specifically designed to navigate the inland waters where we sail. Broad of beam and low to the water, the Piscataqua is extremely stable.

Can small children come sailing?

Children of all ages are welcome onboard Piscataqua with proper adult supervision. We recommend our sails for children over five years of age; if you want to bring a younger child we ask that you bring an appropriately sized life vest.

Is the boat safe? Do we need life jackets while we’re onboard?

Piscataqua is a US Coast Guard certified vessel that is inspected annually for vessel integrity and safety equipment. Piscataqua is sailed by a USCG licensed captain, a professional crew, and additional trained volunteers who practice regular safety drills. The Coast Guard does not require passengers to wear life vests while underway, although the captain may require it of younger children.

Are there toilets onboard?

We recommend that guests may use the restrooms in Prescott Park prior to boarding, but we do have one marine head (toilet) below deck which is accessed by a steep ladder.

Is the Piscataqua accessible to people with disabilities?

We are very happy to have a new accessible dock and gangway in 2016 which eliminates all steps. Please give our office a call if you plan to come in a wheelchair and we can let you know about parking and access to the deck.

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