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Here’s what teachers think of our programs:

“If you are looking for a field trip that will WOW your students, look no further! It is here on the Gundalow! I have brought children on a bright sunny day and on a rainy freezing rain day and the outcome is always the same from my fourth graders…..WE LOVED IT….best field trip ever! The hands on science, the wonderful teachers and the beautiful scenery make it a yearly field trip for my class!” -Jacquie DeFreze Grade 4 Rye Elementary

“One of the students’ favorite field trips! The hands-on activities, connection to our community history, and the incredible staff make this trip one that we come back to, year after year.”

“I would recommend this trip to any educator in the upper elementary field. I have brought classes the past 4 years and each year I learn something new and the kids walk away with such a deep understanding of their place in both the seacoast watershed and the greater environment in general. The online lessons are also engaging and really help prep the students for the trip. Thank you for all your hard work, it shows in the quality of the programming.”

“My fifth graders had an absolutely wonderful time on the Gundalow field trip. It was a wonderful opportunity to tie in topics that have been covered in science such as the human footprint this year in social studies, we have covered the Native Americans, Vikings, European explorers, and colonists. I cannot imagine a better way to make history come to life. Not only that, but the fact that all of this occurred so close to home makes a true connection with them. The staff was wonderful and asked high level of thinking questions that really encouraged my students to connect ideas and make predictions. What a great experience!”

“The staff at the Gundalow Company was top notch; very professional, knowledgeable, and patient with the students. I really enjoyed the varied centers that were prepared for them. They were engaging and hands-on. A great experience for students, parents, and teachers!” -Hilary DesMarais (York Middle School)

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