Reading our Rivers

The Rivers are the Roads From Our Past: Come Explore them on the Gundalow

High School-Adult

Join the crew aboard the Gundalow and sail on the historic waters of the Piscataqua Region.  The Reading Our Rivers program starts with the idea that the rivers are our roads from the past and challenges students to think about the history that unfolded in this area as we travel along these routes.

While onboard, students participate in a series of group discussions that build up through time from the last glacial period.  Through these discussions, the crew will paint a picture of human and natural history leading up to the first explorers, the ensuing deforestation of the region, the arrival of factories, right up through modern changes in our uses of energy.  We will use the landmarks we sail past and these discussions to place these ideas in a larger scale historical context.

In addition to group discussions, we will also break into smaller stations for hands-on activities that talk about the role of the Gundalow and shipbuilding in the area, the importance of natural resources and the subsequent depletion of those resources and the changes in sense of place.  In these stations we’ll do a plankton tow, look at maps and primary documents and try out traditional ship building tools.

To help connect the sailing experience to the classroom, we work with each teacher to align our discussions with classroom learning and state frameworks.  Having the opportunity to sail the waters and literally read the historic landscape through which we travel brings history alive and encourages students to think about history in a new way.

Our standard 2.5-hour program is typically based in Portsmouth and can accommodate up to 27 students (with four adults). Each season the Piscataqua visits one or two towns “up river” or in Great Bay, and we’ll   be happy to arrange programs in other towns when possible.

To book a trip or to speak with a member of our education staff, please contact us at 603.433.9505 or e-mail, or find more about our Rates and Reservations.

See how our program aligns with state and national standards, frameworks and principles: reading-our-rivers-with-standards

We look forward to seeing you on board the Piscataqua!

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