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Reservations and Contact

To schedule a trip on the Gundalow please contact:

Gretchen Carlson, Program Manager
Gundalow Company, 60 Marcy Street, Portsmouth NH 03801
Phone: 603.433.9505

Planning Your Trip

Our education programs on the Gundalow each last 2.5 hours with a 4 hour option available.  Our vessel can take up to 27 students at a time.  When you bring 2 classes and combine our sailing program with shore-based activities, we can take up to 54 students.

Sail times are flexible but we typically have a morning sailing slot (starting around 9), a midday sailing slot (starting around 12), and a late afternoon slot (starting around 3).


Here at the Gundalow we realize that school funds are tight and we work hard to keep our programs affordable.  We are grateful to our local sponsors that help fund a portion of our education programs.  To find out our rates, please contact us.

To help with costs we also encourage you to explore explore the following companies and grant opportunities:


VOYA unsung heroes


Nea Foundation


Contact Us

Gundalow Company
60 Marcy Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 433-9505
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