River Rats Camp: Sturgeons

Our Sturgeon day camp gets campers out on the water both on the Gundalow as well as our small boats.  We’ll visit islands, learn to row, become naturalists at the tidepool, create our own maritime art, raise the sail and swab the decks on the Gundalow and so much more.  Stugeon Campers will gain a deeper understanding of the marine environment through a variety of fun activities and learn to sail the only operating Gundalow in the world.

Typical Day at River Rats Camp

It is hard to describe a typical day at River Rats Camp.  On some days we will be setting sail on the Gundalow, while on others we’ll be casting off on a rowing adventure or playing games and exploring the shoreline.  Our philosophy for all of our camps is to connect kids to nature and the water through experiences and play.  Each day starts with a plan and is adjusted to meet the groups interest and needs, but almost always includes games, arts, mud, and of course water. Through these nature experiences, students learn about the shoreline and our rivers and become the next stewards of our waters.  Out Sturgeon campers will spend 2-3 days on the Gundalow and the remainder at Creek Farm in Portsmouth.  Pick and and drop off will be at Prescott Park or Creek Farm depending on the day.

Sample Day

8:50-9:05 Arrival, check in and free time at Prescott Park in Portsmouth

9:05–9:15 Ice Breaker game

9:15 – Morning Jobs on the Gundalow – swab the decks, raise the pennant, and get the boat ready to sail

9:45 – Underway on the Gundalow – Kids will set the sail and help the boat head downriver towards the ocean and snack

10:00– Marine Life discovery day – We’ll start with a plankton tow and use our discovery scopes to take a close look at the plankton.  Then we’ll look at several other marine animals including mussels and lobster.  We’ll drop the fishing line over the side and see what we get.

12:00 – Return to the dock – picnic in Prescott Park and free time

12:45 – Take a ride on our small motorboats to Sagamore Creek and Creek Farm

1:30 – Arrive at Creek Farm – Captain’s Coming Game

1:45 – Afternoon Activity – Create your own plankton – Using the materials at hand, kids will think about how plankton adapt to the water.  Kids will work to get their plankton to float just beneath the water.

2:30 – Crab Traps off the Dock – we’ll drop our traps and see what we can find right off the dock in Sagamore Creek.

2:50-3:05 Closing Circle and Pick Up

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