Crew for a Day

Join the Gundalow crew for a day!  Come aboard and become a real member of the crew.  Learn to raise the sail, navigate, tie knots, stand bow watch, respond to emergency situations just like our own crew.  During the 4 hour programs, campers will get to experience modern sail training at its best.

A Sample Crew for a Day Schedule

9:50-10:05 Arrival and Free Time

10:05 Welcome aboard – names and ice breakers

10:15 Morning Jobs on the Gundalow: swab the decks, raise the pennant, and get the boat ready to sail

10:45 Leave the dock, raise the sail and set a course

11:00 Skills of the Sailor: Time to learn the parts of the boat, tie some knots and practice sail handling or navigation

12:00 Lunch and free time onboard

12:30 Emergency Drills: Campers learn how we respond to emergencies onboard – we’ll talk about man overboard and fire – campers will have a chance to try out these skills just like our professional crew

1:30 Chanty Sing-a-long

1:45 Return to Dock and closing circle

1:50-2:05 pick up

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