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We had a GREAT year of Camp in 2016!  Check out some of the highlights.



We had a great first week of camp!

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RIVER RATS: Week 2 - click on the image below to see the whole album


Click on the photos above to view more photos of the week.

Here are just a few of the activities we did this week!

  • Made our own log books
  • Sang chanties
  • learned to navigate
  • set the sail and steered the boat
  • Towed for plankton
  • Stood bow watch
  • Tested for the water quality
  • Played games
  • Rowed the wherry
  • Todepooled
  • Used compasses
  • Did a scavenger Hunt
  • Went for a whaler ride
  • Learned about boat building
  • Explored Creek Farm
  • Did the Piscataqua People Game
  • Did an otter trawl
  • Build model Gundalows
  • Made our own boats
  • Learned a few knots
  • Took our Family Sailing

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